Menu of Golden Star - Chesterfield

No more scanned copies of Golden Star menu or storing menu leaflets in your kitchen drawer. The menu below is a shortened version - the full version can be viewed by clicking the link below:

  • Drinks
  • Starters
  • Soups
  • Sweet & Sour Dishes
  • Curry Dishes
  • Thai Curries
  • Chicken Dishes
  • Beef Dishes
  • Roast Pork Dishes
  • King Prawn Dishes
  • Roast Duck Dishes
  • Special Dishes
  • Vegetable Dishes
  • Rice Dishes
  • Chow Mein Dishes
  • Egg Foo Yung Dishes
  • English Dishes
  • Extra Portions
  • Set Meals
location of Golden Star - Chesterfield

55 Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, S40 2AL Golden Star - Chesterfield

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